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Founded by Sergio Stelitano, SCS Fitness exists to create a change in peoples lives, using a combination of functional, effective exercises, coupled with nutritional guidance and motivation, this winning formula can help you to achieve your potential. We believe we have created a programme that is at the cutting edge of the fitness industry, drawing on the experience and knowledge gained from working as part of the Human High Performance team within top F1 team, Mclaren!


Sergio Stelitano - My aim is clear..... I want to help people achieve their goals... What ever that may be!!

Leading a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle is fundamental to me as a person and continues to drive me in my career. Everyday when I'm working I do my best for every single client I have because I know how important it is to have someone there to help motivate, encourage and inspire you.

I have always been into my sports, Martial Arts in particular, but it didn't come easily to me. I had to work harder than my friends to acquire the same skills as they did, but despite these difficulties I pushed on and earned my Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and continued my training into Professional competition. In facing adversity I found a strength within myself and a determination that follows me through all aspects of my life today, both personally and professionally.

I created SCS Fitness shortly after finishing a degree in Music Production. I realised after leaving university that I got more pleasure and fulfilment from helping others to achieve the goals they once thought impossible, and that passion to helping others is still what drives me to this day.


My philosophy to life is simple.... Keep everything in balance!

I am a strong believer that the key to leading a fulfilling and successful life is to have everything in balance. I try to keep balance though out everything I do, everything from work to workouts! For me everything has its place and I like to think I can judge well which things are more important than other..... Most of the time!

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