"I’ve been training with Sergio for many months now. After quitting smoking and other excesses I decided to get in shape. I tried exercising by myself but found it difficult to keep motivated. So I decided to contact Sergio. As well as exercising down the gym he also checked my eating habits, he gave me a diet plan and we hit the gym twice a week.


After many months of working with Sergio I feel fitter, I’ve lost my beer belly and my body is a lot more defined. I have really enjoyed my personal training with Sergio. You feel that your fitness regime has been personalised and that he really cares about you.


I can truly say that Sergio believes in fitness!"


Joe Ward

"I’ve been trying to get fit for ages and didn’t know what to do and by chance my husband worked with Sergio and gave me his business card. I sat with it for weeks not wanting to admit i needed help but eventually rang him…. oh how glad I was that he answered straight away!"

      "Sergio is amazingly up beat and could not have been more helpful to me. I have been to other fitness classes and instructors and they don’t come close to his professional approach. Nothing is too much trouble and you feel completely at ease from day one. He has plenty of encouragement and ideas to help get you fitter and losing weight."


"I have been working with Sergio for the last 3 months have lost over 14kg in weight and feel so much fitter already. My mood has improved and my body feels so much more flexible. I really look forward to the exercise sessions (how weird is that!!) where going to the gym before filled me with dread. We use the outdoor world for training and adapt exercises, where I have old injuries, that just wouldn’t work normally."


"Sergio encourages the best out of me and I now feel so much more positive, my depressed state from before is gone. Nutrition has played a big part in my training and his knowledge is excellent.

I feel that Sergio has helped me to see exercise in a positive light and it has encouraged me to do more on my own with the occasional homework from him!!"


"If you need more persuading ring me, i will tell you how much my life has changed thanks to his experience as a trainer and a friendly face who never judges you."


"Thank you Sergio, I will be back for more sessions soon."


Liz Hales – (now 14kg lighter)

"I have been working with Serg for the last three years.


I was seeing the Councillor at work because of stress, and during our sessions I told her that I used a gym. She told me the gym was a good place to get rid of stress and that a personal trainer would help as well. So the next time I went to the gym I asked about personal trainers and was told that Serg was a great PT.


So I phoned him, we had a chat and talked about why I wanted to train and what I wanted to get out of it. We also talked about my gym history and age (56 now), plus any medical problems and any injuries that I might have.


It was hard to start with, because when I went to the gym I did not push myself. Needed someone to push me. Serg pushes you and encourages you with your training, sometimes I thought he expected too much from me, but I'm glad he does.


To start the sessions were very hard for me, we would do an hour's session, and then when I got home I would have a couple of hours sleep. Now I finish a session just feel tired because he has given me a great workout. He has also encouraged me to do some classes. I go spinning a couple of times a week, great cardio. When I go away I try and find a hotel with a gym or one local, as I miss it when I don’t go.


When we started training I was unable to do many chin-ups, 2 were my max. Now I can do 4 sets of 5 and the weights I'm lifting are a lot heaver than I ever thought possible. We also worked on my posture; it has improved a great deal. I'm walking tall now, head high and feel a lot more positive.


We also talked about my diet, so we worked out a healthy eating plan, plus I was encouraged to up my water intake. It was hard to start with, but now I think more about what I eat. I was 98kg, I lost 10kg, and where I have lost some fat my muscles are more defined. Every couple of months we talk about my goals and how things are going. My goals at the moment are to bulk up and work on my core strength.


He's a great trainer!"



Allan Bailey

"I have been working with Sergio for over 2 years now and I cannot speak highly enough about what he has helped me to achieve. By specifically tailoring my training, I have been able to play competitive Vets football to a very high level of performance in the winter and then compete to medal standard in my age group in Half Marathons in the summer.


I am achieving results of someone more than 20 years my junior which is quite remarkable and its all thanks to Sergio. He is an extremely positive and professional individual who helps motivate you to achieve the very highest goals in your fitness regime. I cannot believe there is a better Personal Trainer out there than Sergio."



Lee Simon

“I have been training with Sergio since 2012 when I decided that I wanted help to shape up for a friends wedding along with help in making me stronger to compete in both Duathlons and Triathlons. 


In my first 6 months with Sergio I completed a 10k race (I'd never ran that distance previously) and my first Triathlon. Sergio also helped me gain critical core strength along with the stamina and fitness required for these achievements.  During the past two years I've suffered a couple of injuries (not related to our fitness programme) which Sergio helped me to recover from and continue my training. 


Sergio is professional, knows how to push me and keep me focused on my end goals.  I can't recommend him highly enough.”


Jo Whaley